To improve your interpersonal skills and the quality of daily interactions. This will increase the level of trust, transparency and collaboration within the social and professional groups of which you’re a part.
Let Be Hippo help you discover what you’re good at and what you can improve. You’ll notice the difference and so will others.

Be Hippo helps people, both in personal and professional spheres, to acquire the relational skills that are the foundation of soft skills. Be Hippo helps companies because it reduces both physical and cultural distances between employees, strengthening teamwork and alignment with the organization. The company climate will be regenerated thanks to the conversion of toxic dynamics into positive levers of improvement.

Be Hippo can be used in any social context, with family, with friends, professionally. Wherever there are at least two people, you can create value.

Be Hippo has identified 17 behaviors where suggestions for improvement (hNudges) and appreciation (Coins) can be exchanged. Following any interaction, Be Hippo can enter the scene by highlighting what could have been done better and what has been done well.

Hippo stands for “Help Improve Positively People and Organizations.” In other words, help for people and companies to remain competitive over time.

The H is the representation of the Dynamic Trust Index and highlights the Trust that other people in your network place in you. The 17 behaviors are distributed on the 4 arms of the H, which are the fundamental aspects of your character and your relational capacity: Empathy, Credibility, Efficacy and Attitude.

I’ve identified 17 behaviors that you can easily detect every day in your interactions with others. These are the behaviors that, if enhanced, return the highest level of relational competence and environmental and professional well-being. You will be able to advise the people with whom you relate on one or more of these. The more you do this, the more inputs you will offer those around you to grow as a person and as a professional. And others will do the same for you.

Trust is the glue of any lasting relationship, but it is also the least understood, most neglected and most underestimated power. Trust sustains and influences the quality of every relationship, every communication, every work project, every business enterprise, every effort you engage in. It is a pragmatic, tangible, usable advantage that can be created faster than you think. For all these reasons, Be Hippo has decided that its mission is to measure and build trust, giving value to the interpersonal relationships that fill our lives every day.

The hNudge is improvement advice, a suggestion that can be given or received about a specific behavior that one believes is possible to improve. It is not a judgment, nor a criticism: it is the concrete demonstration of wanting to take care of others, encouraging them to do the same for us. In this way, we can constantly know what to correct in order to improve our relationships and our skills. Without mutual, sincere and transparent help, everyone remains convinced of their own positions which can often prove to be ineffective.

A Coin is recognition for a positive action that we want to reward. Or it can acknowledge improvement in behavior that had previously been the object of an hNudge. We all need advice, but emphasizing when we do things in the correct way is fair and strategic, because it stimulates us to support the group’s improvement as well as to persevere to better ourselves personally.

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