What would your life be like if you truly trusted people?

The Values of a Hipper

With my app, I teach people how to extend trust

Where there is transparency, people feel free, listen more carefully and communicate better. That’s why Be Hippo has no secrets.

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The four pillars form an H

Be Hippo strengthens the 4 main areas of your personality

Dynamic Trust Index, the thermometer of trust.
With this tool Be Hippo evaluates the level of empathy, credibility, efficacy and attitude, to establish relational capacity.

Increase your empathy to get closer to others

It is the ability to connect with others, understanding their behavior and emotions.

You will learn to be more credible, therefore more reliable

It is the ability to inspire trust, the result of consistent and honest behavior.

An effective person combines vision and execution

It is the ability to produce the effects and results set at the beginning.

Strengthen your attitude to improve your actions

It is the predisposition to carry out a certain activity.


Everyday interactions reveal so many things about you

At all times you’ll know your strengths and areas to improve: which behaviors are appreciated and which still need work.

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Trust purifies the air in every working environment

Be Hippo enhances teamwork and makes sure everyone is involved. The final mission? Eliminate all toxicity and restore harmony in the workplace.

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Bringing people together to help them improve. In every context.

Every social interaction generates value that is often overlooked.
When relationships are strong this value is more visible and making it bear fruit becomes very simple.

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Become a Hipper

Start using Be Hippo

Put Be Hippo to the test, in a short while you’ll understand that improving the quality of your relationships is easy and fun.

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